Microsoft Dynamics AX

Ready your business today for tomorrow's challenges

In the era of the smart customer and a rapidly changing economic environment, the key to profitability is to deliver amazing customer experiences. An ERPbusiness solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX helps your company run dynamic operations that deliver on promises made to your customers. It's quick to implement, user friendly and gives your company the required flexibility that will allow to take advantage of new business opportunities, reduce risks and differentiate your business to meet new requirements.

Provides benefits, such as:

• Fast deployment that delivers results right away
• Gain deeper analysis into critical business data across your company with relevant performance indicators and reporting in key business areas
• Improve the insight into your business in order to have the ability to easily implement changes
• Differentiate your business from your competition
• Easily connect employees, customers, suppliers and partners through integrated self-service collaboration capabilities

In the following areas:

• Financial management
• Supply chain management
• Discrete manufacturing
• Process manufacturing
• Lean manufacturing
• Warehouse management
• Transportation management
• Sales and marketing
• Customer relationship management
• Retail and call center
• Service management
• Project & Resource management
• Human resource management
• Analysis and Reporting

Dynamics AX is a highly configurable, flexible system. There are times, however, when customers seek functionalities that are not available in the base system. Whether it's about AXAdd-ons, integrating external applications or custom developments our team of highly skilled specialists is ready to personalize the solution according to your company’s needs.

Implementation Services

Requirements Analysis – End-to-end process of existing and future business process analysis, gap-fit analysis and requirement gathering at a business and functional area level.
• Design – Taking detailed business and end user requirements and translating them into functional and technical design document: the blue prints to build the system.
• Development – The system functionalities will be built and tested as approved in the design specifications, including developing the customizations, integrations and interfaces
• Deployment – Comprehensive testing services, end user training, user acceptance testing, final data migration and transition to live environment.
• Documentation – Documentation support on end user processes and system administration. User assistance and training manuals tailored to customer requirements.

Custom Developments


We offer custom development services for Dynamics AX customers with unique business processes. Our methodology combined with our experienced professional staff of Project Managers, Analysts and Developers allows us to provide almost any level of custom modifications. We always start development from creating business process models for the future operations. This provides us with control and focus on the value that the program has to provide to the company and eliminate any “waste” in the development process.